Testimonial from our clients.


  1. Chris G.

    I have never had a massage before and had developed some major pain in my hip area. Decided to go see Jill Anderson and cannot explain how great the experience was. This is more than just a relaxation massage, I am proof that medical massage is about addressing the problem not covering it up! HIGHLY recommend you contacting them before going down the surgery/pain and medication roads!!

  2. Ben H.

    Jill is such a talented therapist! My wife and several of my friends have gone to her with a variety of pains and ailments and they all swear by the great work she does. If you are frustrated with any type of pain anywhere in your body give Jill a call today!

  3. Robert C

    Jill always impresses me with her knowledge of the human body and how it all works together. I have achieved great results from her treatment and keeps me coming back. I consider this type of treatment essential and my first stop whenever I am having any sort of muscle and or pain issue!

  4. Samdra S.

    Jill is nothing short of Amazing she’s very helpful and personalized my session.


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