Our Resident Program

Body Innervation is a research/teaching facility offering a unique entry into the effects of medical massage. We offer exposure to both licensed and professionally trained medical massage practitioners in our Masters resident program. This approach allows for a higher level of service and a layering of treatment to reduce and relieve your pain and discomfort. Clients have the benefit of working with an advanced practitioner when needed or in our clinic with our Residents to achieve their wellness goals.

resident program

How it works

Our Resident Therapists, with the guidance of a senior practitioner, will use the process of Therapeutic Assessment to evaluate you from head to toe. This process utilizes postural analysis, muscular assessments and knowledge of complex muscle firing patterns, which will help to identify compromises in your body. Each practitioner will then use a variety of techniques to treat the identified areas, working with the cause not just the symptom.

Our Therapists

Over the course of a year, our Resident Therapists are trained to provide a holistic approach to pain management and resolution when possible. Each Resident is a fully licensed practitioner diversifying their practice to include Medical Massage assessments so that the cause of your symptoms can be uncovered and treated. Our Resident’s program is designed to include classroom instruction, hands-on applications, practical experiences in a clinical setting, and one to one appointments with our clients.