Resident Massage Therapists

Resident Massage Therapists are fully licensed; they are developing their skills in Medical Massage.

Marlena Ross

Marlena had had neck issues since the age of 13 and started having shoulder issues as an adult. Having seen doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and regular massage therapists with no lasting relief, she was referred to a medical massage therapist.  She was amazed at the difference that one session made. After years of neck and shoulder issues, she finally found relief and wished she would have known about it earlier. Now she is excited to help others in pain get relief and feel better in everyday movements and life.

Her focus is on finding natural solutions to treat the cause of her clients’ issues, not just the symptoms, assisting the body to heal itself. She is continuing to learn more about medical massage and lymphatic massage for pre-surgical preparation,  post surgical healing, compromised immune systems, swelling and mobility issues. 

She is a lifelong resident of WI who graduated from Fox Valley Technical College with a technical degree in therapeutic massage. She is currently  a massage therapist at Body Innevation Massage and has been  since February  2020. Her experience in the healthcare field, especially in a chiropractic office, has made her more in tune with how the body works. Her desire is to find ways to be in better health. 

Marlena loves being outside and enjoys hiking and spending time at beaches with her husband and 3 kids. One of her loves is photography and taking pictures of nature. Her other hobbies include reading, painting, gardening and aviation. She has been volunteering with her twin sister at EAA Air venture for 20 years.

Marlena Ross

Kevin Boyle

My name is Kevin and in 2020, at the age of twenty-five, I started school at Bluesky Massage School in Green Bay. I graduated in 2021 and shortly thereafter was hired onto Body Innervation, focusing on medical massage. My intention with medical massage is to work with people that truly want to relieve their pain and have a motivation to do so. 

I became interested in massage therapy after stubbornly living with two herniated discs for several years. The pain increased until I knew I needed to do something; ignoring the pain wouldn’t make it go away. I found a massage therapist that knew exactly how to help me and in doing so showed me there was hope. What a relief it was to sleep through the night without any sharp nerve pain!

After finding that my back pain wouldn’t be permanent I wanted to listen to what others had to say and help them in the process just like my massage therapist helped me. To dip my toes in the water I obtained my personal training certification from NASM, which helped me be sure massage therapy would be an intriguing and rewarding challenge. 

 Besides what you’ve read above I write fiction ( ), I read fiction, bartend, practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, enjoy cooking French recipes, and I enjoy eating them too! So, let’s have a conversation and make a plan to get you where you want to be.

Marlena Ross

Terra Berger

Helping people get relief from daily pain is Terra main focus which lead her to Blue Sky school of massage. She graduated in September of 2021 with a focus medical massage, she is now practicing at Body Innervation Massage to better her skills. She is also trained in kinesiology taping which is used for muscular support.

Terra’s experience with medical massage has been life changing. She had fallen down a couple of stairs  and tore her ACL, MCL, patellar tendon, Achilles’ tendon  and fractured tibia. After surgery and physical therapy she was left with a lot of pain, no relief and loss of range of motion in her right knee. While going to massage school she finally found relief from her pain and gained mobility of her knee with releasing the correct muscles and scar tissue work.

resident massage therapists

Shelby Delfosse

Shelby is a 2023 Graduate of Blue Sky who is currently part of the Residency Program at Body Innervation Massage. As she was trying to ponder on what she wanted to do in life she sustained a work related injury which led her to Physical Therapists and Chiropractors, but nothing was working. After working with a massage therapist, she was referred to a medical massage therapist, where she was able to finally find relief. After going through so much medically, she was inspired to help others who had slipped through the cracks.

In her spare time you can find her in a kitchen (cooking, baking, juicing or canning), outdoors with nature, or at her family cottage.

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Michelle Gutierrez

My name is Michelle Gutierrez and during my 21 year career as a factory worker.

I experienced some injuries. This led me to seek relief from a multitude of providers including physical therapists, chiropractic care, and a variety of massage therapists. Some of the techniques that I experienced in my journey to heal included dry needling, sound healing and Reiki. I experienced relief of my pain shortly after the sound healing and Reiki which then led me to learn more. Shortly after, I became Reiki and sound healing certified and was introduced to shamanic healing, all of which allow the body to help heal itself.

I was looking into what other modalities that would help the body heal itself, I found shamanic healing, I graduated from the shamanic healing program in 2022 and Blue Sky school of Massage, early 2023. After graduation I started working with Kim Hoffman at Ol’ Way Healing in Gresham Wi, as an in-house massage therapist, I discovered that my clients have specific issues that require medical massage. Those clients inspired me to continue my education so I can better serve their needs.

In my free time I like going on adventures with my husband and hanging out with my two cats Felix and Charlie. I also enjoy making homemade soap, lotions, and lip balms.

resident massage therapists

Laura Leyh

My name is Laura Leyh, I am a graduate of Blue Sky School of Massage and have been a massage therapist for 4 years. Currently I am a Resident Therapist at Body Innervation Massage. My work experiences include high end spas, hospice massage and as a private practitioner. Working in the personal care field has always been a calling and providing personalized care is my passion. It is my desire to have an impact that goes beyond each of my sessions, where my clients can see and feel the results of our work together and that allows them to continue to do their favorite activities. I have taken Precision Neuromuscular Therapy seminars and centered my continuing education around assessment and treatment planning. My style is slow and focuses on working with the body’s nervous system to achieve possitive outcomes.

I own my home in Appleton, WI and enjoy taking my dog Brewer on walks throughout my neighborhood. When I’m not at work I can be found planning my next vacation, playing tabletop role playing games like Pathfinder or card games like Lorcana.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

resident massage therapists