Lymphatic System


Looking to Supercharge your Immune System

If you are looking to improve the performance of your immune system most people will up their vitamin C, eat better and get plenty of sleep. If you have a sluggish lymph system, the most obvious ways to help energize your body’s ability to heal, will be slowed down to a crawl.

What is the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is your body’s transportation system designed to remove metabolic and cellular waste. This same system is also the mechanism used to deliver all the good stuff that helps the body heal. Acute inflammation is the result of the body springing into action and flooding the injured area with healing components such as white blood cells, oxygen and nutrients. Since it regulates fluids in the body, it is also responsible for removal of waste products and excessive fluids. The lymphatic superhighway runs from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head and only runs in one direction, up.

How Does the Lymphatic System Work

Unlike the blood flow in your body, there is no automatic pump for your lymphatic system. It must be activated manually to get your system turned on. Lymphatic drainage occurs when your lymph nodes (the spigots) are opened, your vessels (the pipes), are cleared and the pump is activated. This can be done manually by hand, or it can be done through medical cupping by a trained professional.

Who would benefit from Lymphatic Drainage

People who feel run down or sluggish

People who feel like they are constantly fighting off some sort of illness

People with skin issues like eczema, rosacea, and acne

Pre and post surgical

People who suffer from Fibromyalgia

People who have excessive puffiness in their limbs

Want to Try Lymphatic Drainage

Keeping this vital system running smoothly will allow your body access to the best building blocks your body has to offer. If you would like to experience Medical Cupping and Professional Lymphatic Drainage we are currently offering a $45 special with one of our Resident Massage Therapists who is specializing in Lymphatic Drainage.



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