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We have a very special, limited time offer, introductory rate of $45 for your first ONE HOUR massage session with one of our therapists in training! (NOTE: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY SERVICE BY JILL ANDERSON AND IS EXCLUSIVE TO AN INITIAL MASSAGE WITH ONE OF OUR THERAPISTS IN TRAINING. CLICK HERE TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT!

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Medical Massage

Experiencing pain and don’t know why? Have you visited multiple doctors, but they can’t find the cause? You may have soft tissue dysfunction. We use the science of medical massage to activate your body’s healing mechanisms to relieve your pain and reset your system. It is possible to live a healthy, pain-free life without prescription drugs.

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Precision Neuromuscular Therapy

Compared to deep tissue massage, PNT works with your body, rather than against it, to release soft tissue pain. Through different techniques, we find the source of the pain and gently work through it. The result is improved movement in the long-term.

Other Services

  • Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Study Groups
  • Medical Massage Seminars and Presentations
  • Medical Massage Student Mentoring and Training
  • Massage Jam: meetings where massage therapists connect to discuss issues and learn fro each other!
  • Self-treatment Resources


Real People. Real Results.

I have never had a massage before and had developed some major pain in my hip area. Decided to go see Jill Anderson and cannot explain how great the experience was. This is more than just a relaxation massage, I am proof that medical massage is about addressing the problem not covering it up! HIGHLY recommend you contacting them before going down the surgery/pain and medication roads!!

Chris G.

Several months ago, while seeking treatment for excruciating headaches, I was diagnosed with MS. My neurologists have tried many meds for the pain with limited success. I still experience the headaches, but fortunately, they’re much less frequent (no longer 30-50 times/day). Jill’s therapy has provided so much relief, it’s astounding. Simply put, she has the strongest knowledge re. the physiological, anatomical, and skeletal systems of any massage therapist I’ve ever met.

Deborah B.

Jill has changed my life. Seeing multiple doctors and chiropractors my pain only worsened. I herd about Jill and thought I had nothing to loose after multiple sessions she has me pain free. In my eyes I consider it a miracle. Thank you

Bobby G.

What is Cortical Field Re-education?

“I can no longer move like I did when I was younger, I’m just getting old.”

Age and mobility are NOT connected! CFR can help you regain your youthful mobility.

As we experience stress and trauma, our bodies create holding patterns in our muscles. For example, if you stub your toe, your body figures out a way to walk without furthering damage to that toe. As time passes and our toe heels, we sometimes continue to walk as if the tow was still injured. Initially, this is not a concern, but as time passes, we fail to return to our functional movements. What was once a sore toe may now be a sore back. Cortical Field Re-education (CFR) helps us to unwind these chronic holding patterns and replaces them with the bodies original functional movement granting increased mobility and more energy!


Meet Jill Anderson


  • Licensed massage therepist for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
  • Studied at the world-famous Esalen Institute in California
  • Certificates of completion in:

–   Precision Neuromuscular Therapy

–   Trauma Release Exercise

–   Head & Neck Massage

–   Upper/Lower Extremities Massage

–   Spine & Thorax massage


  • American Massage Therapy Association Member
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